Saturday, 7 May 2016

9 random things you should try?!

Hello first of all let me introduce myself...I am Priya and I am an Indian. 'Its On Fleek' , this title just inspires me and make me wanna type all my thoughts at least for myself. Writing these posts makes me feel that everything about me is perfect till the time I feel good about myself. Of coarse no one is perfect and everyone has some flaws but if you don't try to be anyone else and simply be you, you are ON FLEEK. Well this is how I feel about being yourself. Now without any further delay, I'll be showing you 9 THINGS THAT YOU SHOULD TRY in your life. So, lets get started.

  1. Make your own scrapbook : I just love all the colors and pretty designs of the scrapbook paper and that is what inspires me to make my own scrapbook plus it could be really fun.Now, I understand that it is not so easy to do this kind of stuff in such a busy life but it is not really necessary to put in hours make it all colorful and keeping a check on the theme You could just take those cute designer sheets and put some pictures and decorate it with some washi tape that you like. There you have it. Looking at things like scrapbooks gives the vibes of a beautiful life. Enjoy scrap booking!
  2. Write a handwritten note to someone you haven't talked or been in touch for a while : I would love to receive a handwritten note filled with feelings and from someone I haven't been in touch for a while and I am sure you would too. So why not spread this love and happiness.
  3. Vlog : Just take your camera with your for a whole day and record everything you do, everywhere you go and capture everything that takes your interest. Trust me, I have tried this and it is so much fun. Many YouTubers do this and I love to watch them. You should definitely try this.
  4. Cook special meal for friends and family : How loved your family and friends would feel when you would actually prepare a meal for them. I remember when I first made a special recipe for my family and they loved it. It just increases your bond with them.
  5. Go on a road trip : exploring the world is what I love the most. How cool it is to actually leave your house without knowing your destination. Take a map and a few necessary things you need and set out on an adventurous journey. Explore and investigate different things and meet different people a long the way.
    Picture: The Big Bang theory.
  6. Karaoke night : Singing with you friends or family, spending time with them and having a fun night makes memories. Try this if you haven't already because it is so much fun and make new memories with people you love.
  7. Prank call : The most fun and interesting thing to do. I prank call a lot and I love to do it because it is so much fun also it tells us how other people would in a certain situation. I don't have much to say about it. Just try! but remember not to take this too far because that will not be fun.
  8. Clean your house : Now this is something that most people don't like to do but that is just because they try too hard. I am not asking you to clean your whole house at once. Choose one spot that you want to clear out first and then the other and you wont even realize how easily and quickly you cleaned that spot. The after results are simply beautiful. I plan this clean out session whenever I have time and try to clean every possible spot. Happy cleaning!!
  9. Donate : whether it's your clothes, your old blankets or even cushions anything that you don't use anymore or you don't really like can be donated to charity. Making someone smile is the best thing to do. Even if it is a 1$ donation, it all helps. 

These are a few things that you can do whenever you are free or want to do something good for someone. These can make people happy and make your boring life a little more interesting.try these whenever you are bored and trust it is so much fun
Make people smile and spread happiness.  

Be sure to comment down below and tell me about the fun activities that I should try.


  1. I have tried prank calling and it is so much fun...I am surely gonna try other things..

  2. Definitely going to try these...

  3. road trips are so much fun

    1. I know right...btw thanks for reading ๐Ÿ˜€